Friday, 29 May 2020

Oops: CNN reporter covering the riots in Minneapolis was arrested while reporting Live.

A CNN reporter was arrested by the police while he was reporting live back to the station from the scene of riots in Minneapolis.

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was live on the air, just after 5 AM Central Time, when 2 Minnesota State Police officers in riot gear took the mic out of his hands, placed zip ties around his wrists and took him into custody, according to TMZ.

At the time, he was standing on the mostly empty street in front of Minneapolis PD's 3rd Precinct which went up in flames Thursday night. State troopers had just arrived on the scene to clear the area, and you could hear Jimenez clearly identify himself as a CNN reporter ... and he also said he and his crew would move wherever cops needed them to go.
The cops weren't in the mood to talk, clearly, and arrested Jimenez and his crew, but a couple hours later, they were released.