Tuesday, 19 May 2020

PDP is too lazy to be the main opposition party in Nigeria, there fail to learn from Tinubu’s propaganda game- man writes.

A Nigerian political and public affairs commentator, Hamma is not happy that the People's Democratic Party (PDP) is not matching up with Bola Ahmed Tinubu's style of political propaganda, which he claimed brought the All Progressive Congress (APC) into power in 2015.

He is of the opinion that PDP is just waiting for ready-made propaganda unlike how Tinubu does his things.

Mr. Hamma is urging PDP to sit up as the main opposition party in the country, and roll out it's political propaganda just like Tinubu did for his party when there were the main opposition party in the country.

"When APC were in the opposition, Tinubu fueled the propaganda machinery until it yielded result and they got power.

Now that PDP are in opposition instead of them to learn from tinubu ways and attack from all cylinders they are laid back
Keep waiting for probono propaganda," the political commentator wrote.
Nigerians are not happy with Mr. Hamma over his statement. They tackled him out rightly.

"Oga, there are principles to these things. APC are a group without any conscience or limits. Nothing is sacred to them
For example: nothing (and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) will make me support or defend or do propaganda for Boko Haram simply because I want PDP to win an election," one Solomon Apenja reacted.

"If leadership propaganda is that of APC and Tinubu, the word propaganda should be exorcised from the dictionary of a living language. It was horrible bile spitting unfit for a civilized community. It should not be copied," Dunu Anselem wrote.

"I have principles. I have a name to protect. I will not begin to excuse something I have ALWAYS condemned simply because it is done by a PDP stalwart. I may choose to not even be silent on it. What is wrong is wrong, regardless who ever does it.

That's one reason I like PDP," another person commented.