Saturday, 30 May 2020

Royal Arts Academy’s new short film ‘Isolation’ is creating more awareness on Coronavirus- Watch here!


In an effort to spread awareness about the Corvid-19 pandemic and ensure people aren’t breaking the rules, Royal Arts Academy has released a new short film titled “Isolation”.
Let’s all be our brother’s keeper and provide valuable information which will help track and contain the virus – whilst keeping safe, avoiding large gatherings and going out only when necessary, and remember, testing positive to COVID-19 is not a death sentence.. or is it?- They wrote on their Youtube Channel.

The series stars Marennie J. Mitchell, Olamide Favor, Tissan Shamang, Mary Chales, Deborah Adeboye, Nathaniel Pepple, Fontanne Bassy and others.

“Isolation” is directed by Ubongawan Akpan, Olamide Favor and produced by Nkem Chetam.