Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Sad: Nollywood producer involved in an accident, his car damaged.

 Ace Nollywood producer and filmmaker, Brown Ene just escaped death as his car was involved in an accident.

The fair complexioned Nollywood personality took to his social media page to reveal this, as he is full thanks to God almighty for saving him from the hands of death.
Though he didn't mention the location of the accident, but he shared photos from the accident scene, which a car badly damaged after it somersaulted severally as it ran off the main road.
Though he was with three of his friends, but nothing happened to any of them as revealed by the producer.
"I'm lucky to be part of today's discussion just because of God almighty,
 If you don't know yet, know now that God is everything.
your brother survived a terrible motor accident without a scratch.
May God almighty keep protecting us.

My car got damaged but my life and 3 other passengers (friends) were intact.
We must live to the glory of God.
Keep thanking God for me," the young producer wrote.