Wednesday, 13 May 2020

You lie Zubby Michael, Odumeje made you a star- Nigerian woman exposes the actor with evidences.

The drama surrounding controversial Onitsha based man of God, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere, AKA Odumeje and his actor friend, Zubby Michael seems undying as new drama keep popping up daily.

Amidst the drama, the Nollywood actor came out with a video to denounce being a member of Odumeje's Ministry, stating that they are mere friends and nothing more.
But one Nigerian lady identified as Prisca Abel has a contradicting side to Zubby Michael's narration/defense.
According to the young woman, "Peter waited for 11th Hour before Denying his master.
"Zubby, Can you swear that you have never been to Odumeje Church in 2001/2002 where he called you out when you were dancing outside the Church and he told you that you will be a great man? 

Who was the man of God that you called to bless your house when you were opening it? Was it not Odumeje?

Where were you in this Picture? Was it not in his church? 
I know you made your point clear, but why now? 

Smiles. It's well... Even inside the Well is still Well.
I'm only learning how people change when things get Worst... Even if many of you deny him now, God will Still raise Stones to stand by him!"