Monday, 29 June 2020

Actress Chacha Eke’s hubby celebrates his pretty wife as she debuts as a Nollywood Director.

Actress Chacha Eke's husband, Austin Faani is so proud of his beautiful wife as she debuts as a Nollywood director with the movie titled 'Scarred'. The happy and proud hubby took to his Instagram page to celebrate his lovely wife on her new feat.

"Chacha Eke Faani I love you my best friend, you make me proud all the time. Congrats on your directorial debut. Scarred your first piece is highly message driven, more power to you and other women out there making the change happen in our time. God bless you all," he wrote her.

In case you may not know, Austin Faani is a Nollywood director, producer and film editor. It was while working together as Nollywood colleagues that brought about their beautiful and envious love story. And it is a great thing of joy for Austin to have his wife join him as a movie director.
The celebrity couple who got married in 2013 have been savouring every moment in their marriage with so much joy and happiness, making their holy union the envy of many.

In spite her wealthy family background, the actress has stayed away from unnecessary drama and controversial, mostly as a celebrity. She is the daughter of a Nigerian politician and former Commissioner of Education in Ebonyi State, Professor John Eke.