Friday, 5 June 2020

Am changing my state of origin because of haters- upcoming cross dresser, Jay Bugatti hints.

Wonders shall never end. This saying is not just existing in Vogue, it has dwelling space amongst humanity.

Yes, we are saying this because of the latest revelation coming off the camp of another Nigerian cross dresser, Jay Bugatti.

According to him, he is considering changing his state of origin because of all the troubles meted out to him from people, just because of his style and choice of dressing, especially as a male cross dresser in Nigeria.

"I think it’s high time I change my FUCKING STATE OF ORIGIN. Lately I have had series of cases cuz of my cross-dressing, tho I have been handling them all.
Haters can’t win me
😂🤣," he wrote.
This is not the first time he is raising same issue. Sometime within last week, he came hard on his village people, for trying to advise him on his style of dressing.