Saturday, 6 June 2020

George Flyod’s murder: Trump is beefing up security around himself ahead of massive protest at the White House.

US President, Mr. Donald Trump is reportedly beefing up security around the White House perimeter as the largest George Floyd protest yet is about to begin.

More than 100,000 people are expected to rally in the National Mall Saturday to protest the killing of George Floyd, specifically, and police brutality in general. While there have been protesters near the White House for more than a week now , while it appears Trump's administration is preparing for the worst.
As it is, 8-foot high fencing was erected this week around most of the White House grounds' perimeter, and will reportedly remain there until at least the middle of next week.
Mat Morrison shared the above photo of troops gathering round the White House, with the words: “Security forces gather near White House ahead of protests#WashingtonDC

Washington D.C. police have closed off several streets around the Mall, and protesters have already started gathering around the Lincoln Memorial.

Remember, last week the President ordered law enforcement to clear streets by opening fire on peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and pepper spray, enabling him walk down to St. John's Episcopal Church.