Thursday, 18 June 2020

I don’t like destroying marriages, it’s better to allow me share him with you- Bobrisky says

Bobrisky seems to be living for controversies these days. Though he is known to be one of the most controversial figures in the country at the moment.

The male cross dresser who recently attended his aged dad's birthday bash completely dressed in a male outfit is in the news again.

In his latest post, Bob as he is fondly called said that though it's not in his nature to destroy marriages, but for the sake of peace, that he should be allowed to share your man with you. Further, he claims that men don't like taking calls of their girlfriends whenever they are with him, but for his soft heart, he pleads with them to do.

Sharing a stunning new photo of himself, Bobrisky said, and I quote: "Many of this girls need to thank me honestly! Many of your boyfriends don't like picking your calls when they are with me, but because of the my soft heart I beg them to pick your call.

I don't destroy marriages, just shift for me let's share him. Yours can be in public. Mine is coded. But at last, we are both enjoying him."