Sunday, 14 June 2020

It is not your duty to maintain your girlfriend or pay her bills- Reno Omokri educates men.

Popular and controversial US based Nigerian Televangelist, author, politician and critic, Reno Omokri has stirred up yet another controversy in his social media post.

Reno is of the opinion that, it is not the duty of any boyfriend to be responsible for the maintenance of his girlfriend, nor paying her bills.

He says men who does such are under slavery, and urged them to free themselves from such. He advised men that are looking for a woman to main to rather go home and maintain their own mother.

Sharing this vital information via his social media page, Reno wrote: "Dear boyfriend, the only duty you owe your girlfriend is courtesy. You don't owe her maintenance, or footing her bills. 

Emancipate yourself from that slavery.
If you want to look after a woman, go home and look after your mother! It is a sign of mental laziness to allow any girlfriend manipulate you to the extent that you think you are being responsible by looking after her. 
You are not. Think with your head, not your reproductive organ."