Monday, 1 June 2020

Meet the grandma who recently celebrated her 65th birthday as cancer free.

Carolyn Sayida is a 65 years old American film and book writer, who has battled cancer for some years, and her joy today, as she mark her new age on earth is that she is free from that life threatening cancer ailment on May 31st, 2020.

Carolyn who is celebrating her 65th birthday finally found that inner joy that has long eluded her heart because of her ailing health, as such, her new age seems to be a great turning point in her life.
The aged grandmother attributed her healing to an act of Divine Mercy and intervention, and she couldn't hide her joy and happiness any further as she took to her Facebook page moments ago to celebrate the new dawn in her life along her 65th birthday.
"I am cancer free! Divinely healed! I am 65 years old today. I have a new granddaughter. I praise God almighty," she captioned her birthday photo.