Friday, 12 June 2020

Nigerian singer, Harrysong is not happy the way people are treating Hushpuppi amid his arrest by FBI.

 Music star, Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known on the stage as Harrysong is not so happy with people, especially Nigerians over how they have been treating Hushpuppi since the news of his arrest broke out in the early hours of today, June 10, 2020.

Harrysong particularly made mention of how people started unfollowing Hushpuppi on his social media platforms, especially on the Instagram, immediately the news of his arrest broke out.

Sharing a photo of the embattled socialite, the singer wrote: "See how quickly people started unfollowing Hushpuppi as soon as they heard he's been arrested, without even asking to know the real and true story. After all the giveaways of millions. What lesson did you learn from this matter right about now?"

He was not the only one reacting in solidarity to Hushpuppi, some other persons did as seen below...
"He never had any true friend, his money only attracted people to him," Damsel Signature wrote.

"My brother, we Nigerians don't like each other. They always pray for each other's down fall,"Slim Daddy reacted.

"People only love you when you are useful to them. Nobody cares when you fall," Peacebee wrote.

"When the going is going good, you're friend to everyone. Never rush to conclude that they are your real friends, allow hard times to introduce them," another person wrote.