Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Nollywood, Kanayo and co has destroyed our image abroad with their 'juju' movies- Reno Omokri says.

Renowned US based Nigerian critic, evangelist and author, Reno Omokri is accusing Nollywood of doing the country some degree of harm with the kind of movies they produce.

According to Reno, Nollywood's incessant focus on Voodoo or 'juju' movies has given members of other countries the impression that we are evil people, and as such, that we are very harmful and dangerous.
He equally made mention of a time he was with veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo in San Francisco, USA. That they had an embarrassing experience with a certain lady who recognized the actor so well, and his roles in movies as an occultist.

"I have been to many African and Caribbean countries. Once they know you are Nigerian, many become wary. Not because of 419. But because of juju. Nollywood has conditioned them to see Nigerians as fetish juju people.

We did this to ourselves! True story: in 2011, Kanayo O. Kanayo and I were walking in San Francisco. An American lady recognised him. I brought out my camera, thinking she wanted a photo. She screamed and said 'you want to use my photo for juju'! That is what Nollywood has done to us!"
Well, he might have a valid point, but Nollywood never glorified juju or voodoo lifestyle in their movies. In the end of the movie, a clear message is passed.