Friday, 26 June 2020

Sad: Student of Nigerian Law School dies of cardiac arrest while jogging.

Sometimes, you keep wondering when will all these bad and heartbreaking news ever going to end in our lives.

Every day, moments and so on, we are confronted with such news that we detest the most. We have cried, wept and tore ourselves completely, as we mourn our loved ones, but never has it solved the problem.

It is sad to learn that the young man above is no more with us on mother Earth. He is a student of the Nigerian law school based in Agbani, Enugu State. His name is Chiemerie Dim, he reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest while jogging on the 23rd of June, 2020. He subsequently passed on, and has been laid to rest amid tears.

Sharing the photo of the funeral, NA PC wrote on his Facebook page: "A student of the Nigerian law school in Enugu, Chiemerie Dim, has died after he went jogging."
Further, he wrote: "Information revealed by his friends says, Chiemerie collapsed and died after he suffered cardiac arrest while he went jogging on Tuesday, June 23."
This is really indeed sad and extremely heartbreaking. After all the years in the University, then finally graduated, got into the law school, and all that efforts just collapsed within a twinkle of the eye. What a world!

May God almighty grant his soul eternal rest, Amen!