Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Sad: Young Nigerian narrates how Government extortion is killing his business.

A young Nigerian businessman simply identified as Ozor Onyebuchi is lamenting over the heartless extortion been meted out to him by the government, which is badly affecting his business and other services he renders.

Mr. Onyebuchi is the owner of Onella Group of businesses, based in Enugu State, Nigeria. He narrated how he bought a delivery bike at the cost of 215,000 Naira, and he was charged 150,000 Naira to obtain Government registration and other permission, which he did. Then those working in the Government office that are processing the registration collected 10,000 from him as service fee.
It didn't just end there, now, the registration is still ongoing, and some other persons in same office are demanding for other payments to enable them to keep pushing the file to the offices it must pass through.

I bought a delivery bike for 215k, government said I have to register it with 150k I paid. Those in the office said I have to pay 10k for processing fee I did. Now some people are demanding money ranging from 500 to 1k to help move file... You see ehee e no easy but everything I start, I complete.
We are still light
,” he wrote.
Well, some people have been reacting sympathetically to the situation of the young man.
One of them is Chukwu Echefulam, who wrote: 

"Why will a sane government ask for 150 for just ordinary registration?
Are they giving you warranty that the road it will be plying will be out of potholes and damages that may bring certain hiccups to the machine?

Why will a paper registration cost 3/4 of the procurement amount.
Who can please justify this for me?
Please, help me, because I am already turning red."

One David said: "The bottle necks and corruption with ease of doing business in Nigeria. how can someone be asking for money to simply send a file to an office?"

"People in the comment section, remember entrepreneurs in your prayers every morning!
This is just a tip of the iceberg.
You just see a gap, go ahead to study the value chain then, govt factor will just be shouting at you left right and centre!
People would rather gather resources and travel abroad than start a business here. When next you hear unemployment, remember this post," one Onye Mgbowo wrote.