Monday, 1 June 2020

Teach your children your native languages - Reno Omokri tackles African parents.

Renowned social and political critics and evangelist, Reno Omokri is calling on African parents to teach their native languages to their children.

He equally tasked African parents to shun the habit of forfeiting their traditional African names once t they find their way to Europe.

This comes at a time Africans are facing a serious extinction threat to their native language and other African heritages, resulting from the inferiority complex imposed on the above named by the Western culture.

"Learn your native African Language. Speak it. Teach it to your children. Bear your African name.
Patiently teach it to your European friends. If they pretend not to be able to pronounce it, remind them that they can pronounce Arnold Schwarzenegger! Do not go to Europe or America and Change your African name to theirs because someone told you it sounds weird.

Correct them. Say 'my name is exotic, not weird'. This same Westerners can pronounce a Chinese name without vowels because China has money. Make money and they will learn to say your name too," Reno wrote.