Tuesday, 9 June 2020

This is pure madness- Facebook user reacts to the kind of outfit a small girl wore.

A Nigerian Facebook user simply identified as, Prince Malumi Ugo is obviously not happy with the outfit wore by a teenage girl, all in the name of fashion.

 He took to his page to share photos of the said teen girl, while he attacked the parents of the girl for bringing up their daughter in such a manner, especially because of her age.
 This comes amid cases of rape littered across the country, with much still blaming rape on the rate of indecent dressing amongst women in the country.
Sharing photos of the indecently dressed teen in his words, he said: “This is pure madness and well calculated parental error… what foundation are the parent's laying for their kids...could this be referred as slaying or indecent dressing?🤔

How can parents allow this? Biko are we still in Nigeria or sambisa forest?🙆
And where was her father when her slay queen mum was doing such?
And as for you some men of nowadays, I know nobody is perfect, after all na blood they run through our veins…but INDECENT Dressing should never be the reason why you should rape any woman or child. 

There are many other proper means to cure Conji or satisfy that Sexual Demon in you. #A word is enough.”