Friday, 26 June 2020

Touching: Nigerian lady shares story of how she survived Fibroids, depression and hardship.

Life indeed is not all rosy. And many have their sad tales, deeply buried in their lives, that you may think it is always bed of roses for them. That's just the story of this great and talented Nigerian lady identified as Sandra Oma Softspot Ajudua.

She just let us into the world of her heartbreaking past, when she battled a lot of crisis in her life, including fibroids, poverty, betrayal, depression, etc. And situations of life are worst, or may triple even, once you are poor and could barely afford even the commonest or cheapest things of life. Worse of it is, when you are also battling for your health and life.

So, the story of Sandra Oma is indeed one of such touching stories of life's unfair side. She took to her social media page this evening to share her story, with a photo contrast to help her message sail better.

In her words: "Looking at these pictures and musing on what I have been through. The first was taken at one of the darkest times of my life, I was battling with fibroids, depression, betrayal, heartbreak and poverty."

In continuation, she revealed how she cried a lot back then, but never lost faith in God almighty: "I cried at night, held my head high in the day and kept my smiles as much as I could. I kept believing and striding towards a better version of life... ... The second shows I have overcome so much, and I intend to stay winning GOD WILLING."
Life could truly be so cruel at times, but in the end, God never abandons his own. Keep winning Oma.