Monday, 1 June 2020

Tunde Ednut trolls Pastors who depend on security agents for protection instead of God.

Popular and controversial Nigerian Instagram blogger and media personality, Tunde Ednut has lashed out on men of God whom go about hiring and paying security agents for protection, instead of depending on God for protection just as they preach to their Church members.
Tunde who took to his social media page to share a couple of photos of some Nigerian Pastors, surrounded by different security agents who guard and protect them.

 His curiosity and trolls is based on the angle, that it is Good who created this security men, why then do Pastors think it's better to put their security in the hands of men, other than God who is the maker of same men.

"With due respect to Pastors, but this thing has been bordering me. A man of God that walks around with armed men. Are you scared that God can't protect you enough that you trust so much in man that were created by God to do the job better?" He wrote.
Well, Tunde is not the only Nigerian on this. Many have equally criticized men of God who preach to their members, the message of trusting in their creator for a better protection, whereas; themselves go about with a barrage of security men, for their own adequate protection.