Tuesday, 14 July 2020

3 men forced by angry mob to eat their own sacrifice (Photos)

The three men pictured above were caught disposing a sacrifice carried for them but unfortunately for them, they were caught in the caught.

To make matter worse, they were forced to eat the sacrifice by the angry mob in the area. The story was shared by a Facebook user identified as Artaffairs Onyefilm who shared photos from the scene of the incident with the caption: “These three men were forced to eat their own sacrifice by angry mob”.
See how Nigerians have been reacting below…

Just go back to your native doctor, he knows what to do. 
The people who instructed the sacrifice and caused the deities to lose their meal will have those forces to contend with. 

Those who ate that meal won't die, because it is not poisonous. It is tradition, and they are within their rights.

If those meals (sacrifices) are meant for amusu, the people who forced them to eat it will be eaten by amusu throughout their lives. If this case is brought to my shrine, the mob will have to search for 4 sacrifices and eat them in broad daylight to be free,” one Ossy Opara reacted.