Monday, 27 July 2020

Big Brother Africa star, Pokello Nare share childhood photos to prove she never bleached to have a light skin (photos).

Reality star and former Big Brother Africa housemate, Pokello Nare has shared some childhood photos in a bid to addressing the bleaching allegations against, so people will stop spreading lies about her hence.

The Zimbabwean star equally made it clear that it is not everyone who is fair/light skinned that must have used bleaching cream and other items. Sharing the photos via her twitter account, she wrote:

Now I have learnt that when I remain quiet it gives you the impression that it’s ok to Lie about me.

This Bleaching agenda you try and push when it comes to my skin color will Stop. It’s very shallow to think every light skinned woman Bleached. Pics for your Future archives.” See all the photos below...