Thursday, 16 July 2020

Nigerian Female student cries out as ESUT demand 40k to collect her result.


A female student of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) is trying to extort 40 thousand from her before she can get her certificate.
Her name is Enyi Nnenna Agatha Omade, and she has taken to her Facebook page to share her unfortunate experience with her tertiary institution in her bid to get her certificate after graduation.

She revealed that she and other students have been mandated by the school to pay levies amounting to the sum of 40,000 before their certificates can be issued to them.

"So ESUT really wants me to pay 40k to collect my certificate? So because state government has refused to pay your lecturer's salaries, you people now decide to bill the Alumni so as to gather money and pay your lecturers?

How will an unemployed graduate afford 40k under this pandemic? This is how they push innocent youths into crime. Being a graduate is now a crime? After paying 124,900 Naira yearly for 4 years minus other levies, I will still be extorted when I want to collect my certificate? So bad, barbaric, and inhuman...what useless convocation package..."