Friday, 24 July 2020

US court reveals why Hushpuppi was denied bail as he faces a possible 20yrs jail term.

It’s no longer news that Instagram celebrity, Ramon Abbas, but popular with the name Hushpuppi was arrested last month (June) in Dubai for alleged wire fraud and was subsequently extradited to the U.S on July 3, 2020 were he will face charges bordering on internet fraud as he was accused of being part of a network that made hundreds of millions of US dollars from business email compromise frauds, etc.

Well, the news making rounds is that a US Court sitting in Illinois, Chicago has denied him bail. And also, there have come to give their reasons for denying him bail- Hushpuppi risks spending 20 years in prison if convicted. 

Their reasons states that based on the recommendations of the Pretrial services which provides the court quality information about defendants, it was stated that Hushpuppi presents a risk of non appearance and should be removed to the charging district in California in custody. 

If the allegations turns out true, it was further stated that Huspuppi who has ties with many foreign countries has sufficient assets to fund flight to anywhere in the world

 Other factors include the fact that Mr Abbas is subject to lengthy period of incarceration if convicted, lacks significant community or family ties to the district, lacks significant family or other ties outside the United States, lacks legal status in the country and will be subjected to removal or deportation for serving any period of incarceration, reports LIB.

 Abbas reportedly rents an apartment in Dubai for $10.000 a month and drives a Bentley. He is alleged to have committed financial crimes that netted tens of millions of dollars or more.

For these reasons and those stated on the record, Mr Abbas shall be removed to the charging district in the custody of the US Marshal,” statement from the court reads.