Friday, 17 July 2020

Young Nigerian Barrister lavish lovely words on his pretty wife to mark her birthday.

The young Barrister identified as Firsts Baba Isa took to his social media page to pen beautiful words to his wife, Juliet Ifenyi Isa on her birthday which fell on July 16.

The young barrister was there to make sure her birthday celebration is memorable, he also revealed says that whenever he counts his blessings, he counts his wife into seven folds.
Sharing a lovely photo of his pretty wife, the barrister wrote: "Whenever I count my blessings, I count you seven times. You are my favorite person, my best friend and my inspiration... It's an honour to share a birthday month with you and even a greater honour to be walking into the future with you.
This thing we share is thicker than blood, stronger than love and greater than legends. 

I'm honored to have you by my side as co-conqueror...I love you deeply.
Happy birthday to you my First lady, happy birthday to my moon and stars, happy birthday to the most beautiful of God's creatures. Happy birthday First lady Juliet Ifenyi Isa."