Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Facebook user publicly shames an unknown woman over the use of vibrator for sexual pleasure.



A male Nigerian social media user simply identified as Tony Chiazor has taken to his Facebook page to shame an unknown woman over the use of a vibrator to gain sexual pleasure.

He shared the photo of the unnamed woman along the visibly exposed vibrator laying quiet in her hand kept beside her. Tony claims that using a vibrator or dildo as equal as committing adultery. He equally advised people with high sexual drive (libido) to go for partners who are in same libido category

According to his post: “Married Women using dildo is same as committing adultery...

If you have high sexual libido, go for a high sexual libido man.

Stop secret adultery.

Dildo is wrong when your man is active and can perform better...like I said, go for the man that can sexually satisfy you not a man that can lead you to purchase dildo.”

Continuing, he said: “If your man is not around or maybe he travelled, better wait for him than using dildo to hurt yourself and committing adultery.

If your hubby's hood can't satisfy you, then dildo cannot.

Many ladies have sexually lost interest on their man because of dildo addiction...One of the reasons for broken marriages today.